Philippsburg – Germany

A LIDAR measurement is being taken in order to support the planning of a wind park near Philippsburg in the Upper Rhine Valley. This will be compared to the long-term data collected by the 200 m measurement mast of the Karlsruhe Institute for technology (KIT).

The LIDAR measurement is divided into two phases. During the first phase the LIDA is installed next to the 200 m mast of KIT. The mast contains anemometer, wind vanes and meteorological measuring sensors in several heights of up to 200 m above ground.

A direct comparison is drawn up between the mast and the LIDAR so that all offsets between the two measuring systems can be corrected.

During the second phase, a matching LIDAR will be installed at the planned location for the WEA. By directly comparing the existing wind conditions at the location through the matched LIDAR as well as through the current measurement value of the research mast at KIT, the long-term measurement series by the research mast can be transferred to the location.

As the measurement series by the research mast contains anemometer and wind vanes in the area of the planned hub height, a long-term relation can be extrapolated which is, amongst others, confirmed by the long-term yield values by WEA Karlsruhe which are accessible online, as well as by the MERRA re-analysis data on location.

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