About Us

Review and looking ahead

Josef Guttenberger founded his first company Wind & Regen in 1995. Even then he was familiar with meteorological measurements and viewed an entry into wind energy as a good opportunity for self-employment. The company went on to benefit from the growth experienced by the wind industry and was able to invest in additional measurement devices as well as staffing. Hence, the foundation for RSC GmbH was laid. Since then experts from a variety of specialist areas have been brought in to strengthen the staff team which has been working together as a cohesive unit for a good few years now.

RSC is short for Remote Sensing Concepts, specialising in ground-based remote exploration processes – initially with SODAR and later also with LIDAR measurements. Aside from our equipment, which consists of six SODARs and four LIDARs, which are deployed in Germany as well as internationally, we also put increased emphasis on the set up and maintenance of measuring masts as well as their monitoring in line with TR6 requirements. Our long years of experience eventually opened the way to founding our first branch outside of Germany, the RSC Finland Oy, at the end of 2013.



Growth and further development

J. Guttenberger is a renowned meterological advisor to the German Meterological Society (DMG e.V.) as well as member of the working group "Ground-based surveys of meterological measures” by the VDI-Commission Keeping the air clean (Reinhaltung der Luft). Our company is a member of the Federal Association of Wind Energy (BWE) and there we are actively involved on the advisory council of wind experts and related working groups.

In August 2005 – when we were still called Wind & Regen - we were first awarded the accreditation for wind measurements with SODAR and Anemometer for yield calculations and 60% reference yield calculations according to the EEG; for the determination of IEC class and turbulence intensity as well as for the audit of performance curves. While our company has grown and constantly developed we have been able to maintain accreditation in these areas and managed to extend this to the areas of LIDAR measurements.

Out young, committed team, made up of scientists from a variety of specialist areas, stands for growth and development. We are five experts from the areas of geography, meteorology and atmospheric sciences. Six of our staff are responsible for the maintenance, installation and monitoring of our equipment; two more take care of digitalisation of the topography for required maps. There are four staff working in finance and administration. Each project is managed on an individual basis and completely in line with the customer´s wishes and requirements.

The internal exchange between our experts as well as with the measuring technology team serves the identification of location specific features and helps incorporate these in our wind and yield reports in the most effective way. Our staff regularly attend training and internal quality management and auditing ensures that the highest standards are met in our daily work. Hence, the RSC GmbH team provides the best contacts when it comes to find a solution to new, complex questions concerning wind energy.

It is not just our customers who present us with challenges but, as scientists, we are also keen to gain profound insights from the measured data especially. So far we could utilise these as basis for a number of scientific talks and posters and present them at international conferences such as the DEWEK, the Menthols and the EGU. In terms of our focus we paid particular attention to the analysts of turbulences and vertical profiles. The knowledge gained is, in turn, applied in the production of our wind and yield reports.